Full Name: Luke Donnelly

Birthday: March 6th 1997

Turned Pro: 2018

Height: 6  ft, 1  in

Age: 21

Residence: Kilkenny, Ireland

Weight: 13st 1lb

Birthplace: Kilkenny, Ireland

Family: Single


  • As a young kid, like the majority of young boys and girls in Kilkenny Luke's first sport was hurling. His mother being a Fennelly from Ballyhale a household name in GAA, Luke began playing on underage teams with his local club Ballyhale Shamrocks and played right up until he was an early teenager. When he reached the 13 or 14 Luke had to put down the hurley in order to concentrate and peruse his ambition to become a professional golfer. Although he does not play hurling anymore whenever his native Kilkenny are playing you will see Luke tuning in to cheer them on.

  • Another interest of Luke's is his music and can often be found around the practice areas with his headphones in getting in the right mind frame before going out to play any competition. 


  • Hurling,

  • Football,

  • Music,

  • TV Shows,  

  • Movies




  • Course Record Holder At The Players Club, Championship Course

  • Winning Fred Daly

  • Winning A Alps Tour Card as a Amateur 

  • Winning the Mount Juliet Scratch Cup 

  • Winning Irish Top Golfer Playoff

  • Winning his first Pro event the Great Irish Gold Challenge

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